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Frontier e-HR Pte. Ltd.

by Frontier e-HR Pte. Ltd.
56 views @ 04-Mar-2018

Grow with an excellent Human Resource system. Frontier E-HR is your trusted human resource solution partner.

Founded in the year 2000, our founders foresaw massive cost savings and streamlining of processes through the accelerated adoption of internet platform for business software. With a humble beginning of only a few founding members fusing passion with the expertise in web-based development and knowledge in HR domain, Frontier e-HR was born. Since then, our operational growth has been self-sustained and funded organically, without external injection of cash. Over the years, our company has gone from strength to strength with good track records of delivering values to our clients, growing of profitability and increasing of shareholders’ value. More than 600 organisations, small and large, have entrusted their HR functions with our software. Today we have over 100,000 users spread across 17 countries in Asia Pacific.

600 Organisations
Over 600 organisations, small and large, have entrusted their HR functions with our software. Today, we have over 100,000 users spread across 20 countries.

To provide agile and ingenious cloud HRMS software and services that HR recommends to HR, outsourcing vendors pick for their clients, professionals prefer for their organisations, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term returns.

To enable a great user experience for HR professionals to manage their human resource and implement HR practices effectively.

Our Convictions
We deliver our commitments. We keep to our word and do what we say we will do. We are open and transparent to our prospects or clients on the required effort needed in the implementation and customisation effort. We refrain from doing what we say we will not do. The ends do not justify the means. We protect clients and employees’ confidence.

Lifelong learning
We help each other master the necessary skills for success and develop a sense of self-worth through lifelong learning. We promote creativity and agility in the workplace to increase our employees’ job satisfaction.

We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We practice active listening to improve communication. This applies to problem solving, gathering feedback, and even product improvement. We make decisions with the aim to strengthen and preserve those relationships. We respect each other as we are, and celebrate successes together as we progress.

Key Principles of Software Development
We embrace scalable technology and modular solution that supports even the most aggressive growth in our customer’s business. Hence, our customers will have ease of mind as they grow their business either regionally or globally.

User focused design
We develop applications and processes centred on the users’ priorities and feedback gathered.

Agility of deployment
We provide the flexibility of both options regarding licensing and subscription model for our clients.

Stay on top of technology
We are committed to on-going investment in R&D to stay abreast with technology trend.

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